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We Tried...

No database or archive is ever “complete.” As with any attempt to collect something important, BFC has not been able to interview everyone on our wish list, or been introduced to all the people who made their careers from the 1960s to the 1990s.

These are some profiles we tried to produce but, for various reasons, were unable to complete. Nonetheless, BFC respectfully acknowledges these trailblazers for their achievements and contributions.

headshot of Jeanet Allinson

Jeanet Allinson

Owner, Jeanet Spa

headshot of Ted Aman

Ted Aman

Makeup Artist, Mentor


headshot of Micheline Burg

Micheline Burg

Luxury women's retail

headshot of Paul Bourne

Paul Bourne

Men’s retail

headshot of Richard Bernadine

Richard Bernadine


headshot of Roy Thomas

Roy Augustus Thomas

Roy's Shoe Repair Bar


headshot of Grace Cargill

Grace Cargill

Hair Stylist

headshot of Sidney Clark

Sidney Clark

Visual merchandiser

headshot of Romany Cuevas

Romany Cuevas


headshot of Ettie Dawkins

Ettie Dawkins

Model, Entrepreneur

headshot of Negash Leather

Negash Leather

Leather goods designer

headshot of Helmer Joseph

Helmer Joseph


headshot of Pearl Miller

Pearl Miller


headshot of Enid Rose

Enid Rose

Model, Actor

headshot of Terese Sears

Terese Sears

The Fashion Alliance

headshot of George Morrison

George Morrison


headshot of Wisdom the Barber

Wisdom the Barber

Barber, Activist

We tried.

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